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Healing Hands House Calls PLLC     Concierge Medicine

Your living room is our waiting room.

Germ free



Don't waste another workday.

Busy business profesional with deadlines at the office.  Let us come to you.



Healing Hands House Calls Stormy Valdespino FNP-C, CEO/Founder

Welcome to Healing Hands House Calls

Your Time is Important to Us!



There are Overwhelming benefits of concierge medicine however it can be summed up: YOUR TIME! 

There is time for the health care provider to listen to the patient in the comfort of his or her own house or place of business; time to delve into the complexities of medical problems when you want; time to do meaningful preventive care. Time to discuss weight loss plans which includes exercise and a caloric analysis.  Concierge providers can also find the best specialist to meet your needs.  

Let the Provider come to you!

The benefits to using Healing Hands House Calls are a rapid response to all calls!  We do not keep you waiting for a refill, or an appointment.  Healing Hands House Calls takes great pride in catering to our patients needs and schedules.  Do not waste anymore of your time waiting to be seen.  Healing Hands House Calls provides continuity of care by having the ability to utilize the same health care provider.  We realize you are very busy so let Healing Hands House Calls make your life easier.  We value your time so let the provider come to you!!!  





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