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Healing Hands House Calls PLLC     Concierge Medicine

What areas does Healing Hands House Calls Service?

Healing Hands House Calls treats patients at home or at their place of business in San Antonio, Texas.  We also practice telehealthcare in the entire state of Texas.  


What ages will Healing Hands House Calls treat?

The providers are trained to see newborns to 100.  


What are the available hours for visits?

The available hours for home visits can range from 9-4 however earlier appointments, evening and weekends are available to established patients upon request.  Healing Hands House Calls pride themselves in making every effort to accomodate your needs.  


Can the provider do various lab tests during the house call?

Healing Hands House Calls providers will bring a variety of tests with them to diagnose issues such as:  strep throat, influenza, urinary tract infections, mononucleosis, and blood sugar.  The majority of the patients will be able to obtain the results of these tests during the house call or soon after.  However, if more in depth testing is required, the patient will be given a lab slip for a local laboratory.  


Can the provider order radiology exams?

Yes, the providers at Healing Hands House Calls can order X-rays, CTs, and MRIs.  


What can be prescribed during a house call?

Healing Hands House Calls can provide prescriptions for various ailments however if it is a chronic pain problem the providers at Healing Hands House Calls will refer to a pain specialist for their expertise.  Our providers do not supply any patients triplicates nor do they carry any.  In addition, the prescription written for the patient can be picked up for an additional fee.


Are there any medications carried with the provider to the visits?

Yes, depending upon the patients needs but various antibiotics, antimetics, and corticosteriod shots for an additional fee.  



Does Healing Hands House Calls accept health insurance?

Healing Hands House Calls is a concierge practice which is a fee for service practice.  We are not contracted with any insurance plans.  At a patient's request Healing Hands House Calls will provide an invoice of services rendered.  Many insurance companies do reimburse for these services at the out of network however check with your individual insurance plan.  We are also covered with various HSA and FSA but verify with your individual plan.


Will my primary care provider be notified about the house call?

No, no one will be notified when you utilize the services of Healing Hands House Calls.  A copy of the visit can be sent to any provider upon the patient's request.  


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