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Healing Hands House Calls PLLC     Concierge Medicine

What our customers say about us

"House Calls are back, quality of care is back and the days of waiting in germ infested waiting rooms when your sick is over.  Thank you Stormy for same day visit in my home!  I'm already feeling better and the weight of finding care for my family when their sick is over.  Very professional and affordable with or without insurance. Love my new find!  and now when I travel i'll have medical care a phone call away!"  Michelle Love


"Healing Hands House Calls has been a God's send for me.  It's convenient, prompt, reliable and affordable!  I am a busy person like so many others.  I don't have time to wait for an appointment let alone sit 1/2 day in a doctor's office. I'm not sure why doctor's quit making house calls but sure glad I found someone who is making them now.  Thanks!" Karen Haymond


"Thank you Stormy for coming to our house, and saving us hours at the hospital.  Was very impressed with your knowledge and skills. Would definitely use Healing Hands again" Rhondie Huron


"Dr. Valdespino is an exceptional provider.  She is prompt and professional and has genuine care for her patients.  She always responds to my concerns immediately, and makes herself available shall an urgent concern arise.  I highly recommend her, her ethics and compassion have made me place the health of my family, peacefully, in her hands." Karina Villa


"The first rate care and attention you receive from Dr. Valdespino is unique.  Having the one on one 24 hour personal communication is non existent with other medical professionals.  Finally a doctor that has the time to listen and discuss your medical ailments and or concerns is priceless!  Stormy is Heaven sent!!!" Sylvia Doss Olney


"The fact is that our regular doctor would have not seen my son till tomorrow and my friend recommend Dr. Valdespino.  She was here the same day I contacted her and make it so easy not to leave our home.  I was very pleased and a forever raving Fab!  Thank you so much!" Valerie Alexander


"Stormy truly cares about her patients!  She is always a phone call/text away and really listens to you.  She is extremely thorough in her examinations and has an excellent bedside manner!"  Maggie Weathington Wilmoth



"Healing Hands has helped my family throughout the most trying of times and I highly recommend this service to all of my family, friends, colleagues, and anyone in need of a concierge service of medicine." James Gavrilov


"Stormy is professional, personable, and timely.  Healing Hands is providing a service that has been missing in medicine for quite some time-acute illness care.  It is clear that she is passionate about providing quality care.  I breathe much easier (literally and metaphorically) knowing that Healing Hands is a phone call away for my family and that we can be given effective treatment and follow up, on the day that we need it!  I cannot recommend Healing Hands highly enough." Gianna Fertitta


"Such a great idea!!  Awesome service....I am now and will remain a loyal client of this medical concierge practitioner"  Jacyln Galindo


"Thank you, Stormy!  You are always so attentive and caring!"  Caroline Garcia Watson


"We love Stormy she can keep you both beautiful and healthy!"  Nicole Ramirez-Kaiser


"I was feeling completely run down...instead of going through the hassle of normal Dr. visit.  The Dr. came to me!  Stormy came and did a very thorough exam.  She paid more attention then any other Dr I've seen before which was a bonus on top of not waiting in a room full of other sick people.  She gave me a shot and called in a rx.  It was so nice to have complete care along with her sweet bedside manner.  I plan on using her again and again!"  Ruby Caldwell


"I love my doctor.  She always takes time to really listen.  I never feel rushed.  Thank you for giving me peace of mind."  Maru Delgado


"Thanks Stormy for providing such an EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!"  Gina Austria Stanley


"The service does not get any better.  Called Stormy on Sunday for my wife as a new patient and she came out as soon as she could.  A very professional and caring person" Dave Ahokas


"Stormy is a wonderful awesome practitioner!!! And the concept is grrrrrrreat!!  I just moved back to San Antonio and made an appointment and she is exceptional and my whole family will see her especially mom for her spa techniques!!!!  I would recommend her to everyone I know!!  Thanks Stormy"  Nicole Bennett


"My wife tried the micropen and was very pleased with Stormy's professioalism"  Mark Ortegon


"Stormy is an outstanding health care professinal who was able to assist my wife when many other physicians could not.  She saw what they could not or would not see.  She has a superior mix of passion for her craft and compassion for those in her care"  Brad Haby


"So thankful for Stormy I had two sick kids and pediatrician had no openings!  She is such a wonderful woman with a love and passion for taking care of people"  Toni Cantu


"HHHC was great!  Very responsive.  Fantastic bedside manner and overall customer service.  I highly recommend!" John Peck


"Im so glad I did this.  Stormy was thorough and took plenty of time asking me detailed questions about myself personally and physically.  That is whats missing in healthcare these days.  I am going to recommend her to all of my friends and family.  For the price you get concierge service.  It sounds too good to be true but its not people!"  Becky Perez


"Amazing service!  You won't be sorry you joined!  Thank you Healing Hands!"  Dianna Smith



"I'll be the first to tell you that I hate going to the doctor. Add that to going to the doctor's office, sit next to the other sick people, only to have to wait on the doctors run late.  No thank you.  On the other hand, Healing Hands was quick, easy and the only person I had to sit next to was myself.  I called their office, filled out some paperwork and they immediately put me in toucvh with the doctor.  I told her how I was feeling, that I had a fever.  She then sent a prescription to my pharmacy and I had meds in about 30 minutes."  Choco M Valdez


"I feel very fortunate to have found Healing Hands.  Finally a Dr. that actually listens, who respects my time, who is easy to see and is willing to come to me, who I can keep in contact with all of the time, who listens, who treats me like a human being not like a source of income (just another patient), who has common sense and makes it easy for me take care of my health, not appointment after appointment that by the time they figure out what's wrong it's really serious, who can refer me to the right speciaist but still keeps up with me.  It's a blessing to have a Dr. that is willing to really take care of you when you get sick and ask for help.  Investing in Healing Hands is one of the best decisions I have made for me and my family."  Patricia G Gonzalez Maass

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